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31.10.2019 Roma children’s choir Chavorenge and members of the Czech Philharmonic to perform in UK
13.09.2019 Archaeologists discover graves of Roma persecuted during WWII in Lety camp
02.06.2019 Ida Kelarová and her Romany children’s choir Chavorenge
29.05.2019 Two Roma activists to receive Charter 77’s František Kriegel Award
07.04.2019 Romany music from the Czech Republic
13.03.2019 Czech singer Věra Bílá, dubbed the Ella Fitzgerald of Gypsy music, dies days before her comeback tour
21.11.2018 Roma social worker from Ostrava listed on BBC 100 Women list
12.10.2018 Why are there so few Roma politicians?
17.09.2018 Virtuoso pianist Tomáš Kačo: When I tell somebody I’m a Gypsy in the US, they’re excited about it
06.06.2018 Study indicates ethnic hate is contagious
24.11.2017 Council of Europe commissioner welcomes Lety pig farm deal
01.08.2017 Culture minister: sale of Lety pig farm is “done deal”
26.07.2017 Culture Minister says buyout of controversial pig farm at Lety only weeks away
13.07.2017 Archaeologists map out precise contours of Nazi-era Lety concentration camp
26.06.2017 Activists meet at Lety to keep pressure on government to remove controversial pig farm
08.12.2016 Project aimed at fighting hate crime acquires fresh urgency in light of migrant crisis
04.12.2016 Terne Chave – a Romany band with a difference
14.11.2016 Romany soccer team face hatred more or less all the time, says FC Roma co-director Tomáš Bojar
08.11.2016 Council of Europe: Czech Republic violating Social Charter
08.11.2016 Culture minister: Important hurdle falls on the way to a buyout of the pig-farm at Lety
07.11.2016 Government will seek expert valuation of Lety property
03.10.2016 MEPs demand action on Lety pig farm
05.09.2016 Human rights minister says government seeking buyout of pig farm at site of Roma camp
05.09.2016 ANO leader promises money for dignified memorial after insulting Roma Holocaust victims
25.08.2016 Roma-inspired fashion line helps fight prejudice and social exclusion
09.08.2016 Philharmonic offers life chance to deprived Roma children
08.08.2016 Compensation deal agreed for Roma victims of holocaust
05.08.2016 Germany to pay compensation to remaining victims of Roma Holocaust
28.07.2016 New plan for Czech ghettos aims to combat dodgy landlords
05.07.2016 Government due to discuss report on Roma minority

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