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Ida Kelarová and her Romany children’s choir Chavorenge
02-06-2019  Daniela Lazarova

Ida Kelarová, photo: Adam Kebrt / Czech Radio Ida Kelarová is a singer, musician and choirmaster who performs some of the best Romany music to come out of the Czech Republic. Paradoxically it was years before she discovered her Romany roots and drew inspiration from Roma culture and music. Today this legacy has become an important part of her life and she works hard to help talented Romany children living in excluded localities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Her Romany children's choir Chavorenge, established 10 years ago, tours the country and cooperates with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. But above all it has given dozens of Romany children a glimpse of a better life and the ambition to make the most of their talents. Chavorenge’s debut album Hej Romale, was recorded with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in 2018.

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