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Crisis Committee launches petition for Museum of Roma Culture

Permanent exposition of the Museum of Roma Culture (Photo: Jana Šustová) The Museum of Roma Culture in the Czech Republic is facing the threat of a possible merger with the Moravian Museum as a result of the first phase of savings measures approved by the Czech Government at its 16 January cabinet session. Disagreement with this plan has been expressed by the Czech Government Inter-ministerial Commission for Roma Community Affairs, the Romani Crisis Committee, and many individuals.

The Romani Crisis Committee has set up a petition addressed to the Czech Culture Minister and Czech Prime Minister, “For the Museum of Roma Culture” (Za Muzeum romské kultury), expressing disagreement with this merger.

Permanent exposition of the Museum of Roma Culture (Photo: Jana Šustová) Text of petition For the Museum of Roma Culture:

We, the undersigned do not agree with a merger of the Museum of Romani Culture and the Moravian Museum in Brno. The merger of the two museums is one of the measures being proposed for savings measures to simplify agendas and get rid of duplicity in the state administration for 2014, as part of the Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 37 of January 1 2013.

The Museum of Romany Culture has an irreplaceable role in presenting the culture and history of Romani people in international context. Furthermore, the Museum is also considered to be integral to the ethno - emancipation and to the integration of Romani people in the Czech Republic. The possible loss of the legal personality of the Museum of Romani Culture could mean inter alia limiting the educational and social activities. The educational and social activities of the Museum of Romani Culture located in the socially excluded area , enhance the inclusion of the socially excluded Romani children into the Czech education system.

Therefore we request the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic as the deputy establisher of the Museum of Romani Culture to thoroughly rethink and responsibly consider whether the economic savings are desirable to predominate over the moral and social reasons for the existence of the Museum of Romani Culture.

The petition will be open for signature until the end of April at

Please note: The signature page for this petition is in Czech only.

The following is a guide to what is being asked for on that page:

Křestní jméno = First name
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After you sign the petition, you will receive an email in Czech asking you to confirm ( potvrdit) your signature and a link to click on to confirm it.

Romani Crisis Committee, translated by Gwendolyn Albert

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