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The commemoration ceremony for the Romani victims of Nazism

On May 5 2007 at 12:00 the Committee for the Redress of the Romani Holocaust (Vybor pro odskodneni romskeho holocaustu -VPORH) will hold a memorial ceremony for the Romani victims of Nazism at the site of the temporary burial ground for victims of the former concentration camp for Roma in Lety by Písek (next to the pig farm).

In response to Czech PM Topolánek's most recent proposal for the Lety site, VPORH President Cen.k Ruzicka said: "One fine day there will be a modest but dignified memorial at that site. There will be no trace of the pig farm. No one can stop us! Not even a prime minister who, without even consulting with the survivors, proposes building another (unnecessary) memorial next to the pig farm and leaving the pig farm where it is. That proposal is unacceptable for the former Romani prisoners and the victims' surviving family members. The only proper solution is removing the pig farm from this sacred site. We will then arrange for a memorial ourselves."


Laying of wreaths at the monument and Holy Mass - 12:00

Speeches - 12:30

Completion of the official part of the commemoration ceremony at Lety - 13:30

Laying of wreaths at the parish cemetery monument, Milovice by Písek - 14:30

The following persons, among others, have confirmed their participation in Sunday's memorial ceremony:

- Former KT Lety prisoner Mr Arnost Winter
- Second Secretary, Embassy of India, Mr Mukesh Kumar
- Secretary, Embassy of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Mr Vlajsic Sulejme
- Chief Rabbi Karol Sidon
- Czech Government Minister without Portfolio Dzamila Stehliková
- Czech MP Katerina Jacques
- Czech MP Karel Kratochvile
- Czech Senators Josef Kalbac and Tomas Töpfer
- South Moravian Regional Commissioner Stanislav Juranek
- Mayor of Písek Miroslav Sladek

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