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Youth crushed by train while attacking Romanies - press
12-03-2004  CTK

A 17-year-old military academy student was killed on Wednesday at the Vyskov, south Moravia, rail station when he attempted to assault three 14-year-old Romanies but fell under the train's wheels as it began to move, today's Pravo writes.

The tragedy occurred after the youth and his 18-year-old friend left the train in Vyskov, both in a state of intoxication. The Romany boys remained in the train, but the 17-year-old student continued to shout racist insults at them while on the platform and began knocking on the compartment's window.

When the Romanies opened the window, the attacker grabbed onto its edge as if attempting to climb in, but as the train began to move, he let go, falling directly onto the rail lines. Although the dispatcher immediately had the train halted, the youth was instantly killed.

According to the passengers, the youths began to provoke the Romany boys as soon as they boarded the train in Brno.

"During the trip from Brno, the Romanies, who wanted to avoid conflict, actually asked the conductor to lock the door behind them into the carriage where they were riding," one witness said, adding that the two future soldiers had very short hair and were dressed like skinheads.

The dead youth's friend collapsed psychologically after the incident, and has not been available for questioning, Pravo writes.

However, Vyskov criminal investigation head Vaclav Novak told the paper, it is likely that the police will shelve the case.

"There is nothing to indicate that anyone else was responsible for the youth's death," he said.

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