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Romany Dzeno Association dissociates itself from magazine
11-02-2004  CTK

PRAGUE - The Romany Dzeno Association has dissociated itself from Mirror Gendalos, saying that this magazine is not a successor to the Romany monthly Amaro Gendalos or Our Mirror which the association supports and which now appears only electronically, Katerina Mahdalova told CTK today.

Mahdalova, Amaro Gendalos editor-in-chief, said that it is not clear from Mirror Gendalos who publishes it. The imprint does not contain other compulsory data required by the press law either.

She said that Dzeno Association has had no meeting with the new periodical on support for it, and only learnt about its existence when it was already being distributed.

Mahdalova said that the editor-in-chief of Mirror Gendalos is Jakub Polak, former editor-in-chief of Amarao Gendalos.

"He has not held the post since January 1, 2004, and he does not have any influence whatsoever on the content or form of the activities of Dzeno Association," chairman Ivan Vesely says on Dzeno's internet websites at

Dzeno has published Amaro Gendalos since 1997. Now it wants to spread information on Romanies and their life mainly via the internet. It has run a Romany radio station Rota on the internet for a year.

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