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Photographs by Romani Children

On September 18, 1998, the Gallery U prstenu in Prague held a grand opening of its exhibit of photographs by Romani children entitled Muj svet (My World). The exhibited photographs were provided by Romani children aged from 3 to 17 years in four Czech towns. With semi-automatic cameras they recorded unique glimpses into the "world" in which they live and in which they are enclosed.

The organizer of the project through which people can take a closer look into the lives of Czech Roma is the Human rights Education for Young people Association (HEY). The group is happy with the photographs, since they have fulfiled the initial expectations - they are more spontaneous than those done by "outsiders" and thus offer a sharper picture of life among the Roma.

The exhibition closed at the Galerie U prstenu on September 27 and continued to tour other Czech cities as well as abroad. In addition, the snapshots have been printed in a publication by the G+G publishing house.

You too can see how Romani children perceive the world around them, with our Muj Svet exhibition online:

If there are some photos that you particularly like, it is possible for you to purchase them, as the exhibition is for sale and the proceeds will go to Romani sculptor Eduard Olah's studio, which is attended mainly by Romani children. You can order the photographs by e-mail at Simply write the name of the city and the number of the photograph you wish to purchase.

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