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Jan Cervenka

Biographical Details:

I was born in 1962 in Prague, graduated from high school in 1981, "Home University" [lectures given under Communism by dissidents]: Czech language and literature (1988-90).

After that, the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University, Czech language and literature / Roma Studies (1990-96, dissertation on the written similarity of Slovak Romany), presently doing postgraduate study (theme of the dissertation: Romany dialects in central Slovakia).

Editor of the Amaro gendalos magazine. Publication: occasionally in Romano dzaniben and Amaro gendalos.

In your opinion, how well informed is the Czech public about the Roma minority?

In fragments.

What do you think the attitude of Czech society is towards the Roma community?

Taken generally, negative. It's interesting that after years of coexistence, Czech society is dividing into Czech society and Roma.

What do you think of the suppression of manifestations of racism in the Czech Republic?


What is your opinion on the position of the Roma in the Czech Republic?

They are discriminated against (even though not all their problems can be attributed to discrimination).

In your opinion, what do Czechs most often hold against the Roma?

Criminality and anti-social behavior.

In your opinion, what do Roma most often hold against the Czechs?

Their prejudices.

How do you see the future of the Roma in the Czech Republic?

It depends on which Roma.

What do you think are the possibilities of mutual coexistence of Czechs and Roma?

More contact between both sides, as well as overcoming stereotypes, prosecuting discrimination and the admittance of Roma into societal structures.

Do you think it is necessary to draw the interest of Roma to events throughout society and to their position in society? If yes, how would you go about doing so?

I don't know if this is absolutely necessary. Perhaps this can be done by education, the development of Romani politicians and so on.

Have you considered leaving the Czech Republic at times? If yes, for what reason? If no, why?

No. I have my roots here.

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