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Iveta Kovacova - Czech Television announcer, singer

Iveta Kovacova

She was born in 1963 as the middle of 8 children to a Roma family in the north Bohemian town of Kadan. She graduated from teachers' high school and taught elementary school for six years. Even as a small child, she'd wanted to be a singer and she realized her ambition, singing her way into roles in such musicals as "Hair". Since 1998 she can also be seen on Czech Television working as a program announcer. For the last 13 years she has lived with Czech TV reporter Otakar Svoboda and they have a son, Abram.

How is Iveta Kovacova received by audiences?

"During the whole time, I've gotten only one negative reaction. In the dressing room, I happened to answer the phone and I heard: "You have a Romani announcer there, get rid of her, she's terrible and it's impossible to watch her. Nothing against Roma, but don't you have a nicer one there?" I assured the lady how much I understand her and that I'll do something about it," Iveta Kovacova told the magazine Kvety (Kvety, no. 37/99)

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