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Romipen Photography Contest

On December 10th Czech Radio announced its decision to sponsor the Romipen Photography Contest, to which participants can send photographs documenting Romany life, traditions and customs. The contest is open to all and that includes professional as well as amateur photographers, Roma, as well as Non-Roma from various countries. The deadline for entries is May 31, 2008. The rules of this contest can be found here.

The contestants’ assignment is to take a photograph of any “scene” from Romany life – for instance scenes depicting Romany family life, friendship, work, relaxation, fun and games, Roma artists or tradesmen, Christmas, Easter or other holiday celebrations, important family events (baptisms, weddings, funerals) and other situations that life can bring.

Photographs sent to us will be continuously published on this web site. When the contest ends a professional jury will select the winning works which will be awarded interesting prizes (video camera, digital camera, MP3 players, etc.). The winning works will be selected by June 30, 2008 and the results of the contest will be published on the following day.

Czech Radio is sponsoring the Romipen Contest on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the existence of the Roma Internet website, the fifteenth anniversary of the functioning of the editorial board of Czech Radio and in connection with the fact that 2007 was declared the year of equal opportunities for all by the European Commission.

The contest is being held under the auspices of Dzamila Stehlíkova, Minister for Human Rights and Minorities in the Government of the Czech Republic.


Information in greater detail:

For the contest participants:

Detailed rules


Photographs sent to us:

From Bulgaria

From Czech Republic (1)

From Czech Republic (2)

From Czech Republic (3)

From France

From Greece

From Hungary

From India

From Italy

From Kosovo

From Lithuania

From Romania (1)

From Romania (2)

From Slovakia

From Thailand

From the Ukraine

From the USA

For press:

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