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12th World Roma Festival Khamoro
30-04-2010 - Press release

Acquaragia Drom (Photo: Jana Šustová) May 23-29 are this year's dates for the 12th annual World Roma Festival Khamoro, which is realized under the patronage of Pavel Bém, Mayor of the City of Prague. Organizing the festival is the non-governmental organization Slovo 21, together with Studio Production Saga.

The festival will begin on Sunday, the 23rd of May, at Švandovo Theater, with the world premiere of the Roma Opera Invisible Gypsy, authored by the multi-genre artist Zoran Tairović from Serbia.

On Monday begins a series of six evening concerts. Monday at the Lucerna Music Bar will be dedicated to contemporary Roma music - the evening will be headlined by the Czech Romani rapper On Tuesday, a concert will take place in the Reduta Jazz Club Reduta. It will be of an intimate nature, focusing on the genre of Gypsy Jazz as represented by the German ensemble 16 Gypsy strings, featuring the per formative excellence of the 16-year-old guitarist Gismo Graf. On Wednesday, a real delicacy awaits jazz fans - Tchavolo Schmitt, the unique and virtuoso French guitarist, will play at the Lucerna Music Bar with the accompaniment of the Dutch band The Gipsy Swing Trio.

The first concert of traditional Roma music will be held on Thursday in the Roxy club. The program includes the Slovakian band Romano Stilo, whose members will demonstrate a great combination of classical music education in combination with the emotional intelligence of Roma. France will be represented by the ensemble Romano Atmo, which features performances representing various styles of Gypsy dance with colorful costumes finally, the Serbian Black Panthers; will appear with their typical blood-pumping, intricate rhythms, invoking the unique atmosphere of the Balkans.

On Friday, audiences will be treated to a full lineup of four bands – the energetic Macedonian brass ensemble Orkestar Braka Kadrievi, the Czech cimbalom band Surmajovci (presenting the oldest Romani music from Bohemia and Slovakia), the Slovenian ensemble Šukar playing on a variety of string instruments, and the star Romanian group Mahala Rai Banda, presenting an irresistible mix of traditional folk music, modern styles and oriental influences. We will end the music program on the 29th of May with a final gala concert at the Prague Congress Centre, which will feature all seven bands that will have already shown their art in the Roxy club.

Nadara The accompanying events of the KHAMORO Festival 2010 will present the elements of Roma culture -- traditions and contemporary life -- more closely and in greater depth. On Monday, the Aero cinema hosts the gala premiere of the documentary film ROM_ID, which was created through the co-production of the NGO Slovo 21 and Bedna TV, and depicts the fate of three young Roma from 3 European countries. On Wednesday at the same cinema, you can see two documentaries on Roma issues from the Serbian director Želimir Žilnik.

The opening of an exhibition called “Genocide of Roma during 2nd World War” will take place at the Slovakian Cultural Institute on Wednesday. The exhibit was prepared in cooperation with the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno. The second exhibition, whose opening is scheduled for Thursday in the café NoD, presents a photographic series entitled “A minute after”, in which a FAMU graduate - Srdjan Stanojević - captures Roma artists immediately after their return from the stage.

After last year's success there will be also be dance workshops, which will once again be led by the great dancer and choreographer from France Petia Iourtchenko. Perhaps the most popular event of the festival - the parade of artists in the historical city center - will be held as usual on Thursday at noon. Enjoy the parade full of rich costumes, brisk and melancholic music, which is headed by a horse-drawn carriage and flag bearers.

In the expert section of the festival, this year will focus on the issue of Roma identity in the form of a two-day seminar with the participation of world experts. All week, there will be international workshops under the heading “We Are on a Long Way” for young Roma from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Hungary. This year the festival promises the participation of more than 100 artists and experts from 14 countries around the world.

The official partner of the festival is the City Prague. The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture, ČEPRO and others. The main media partner is Czech Television.

More information about the festival will be available at very soon.

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