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Little shop Romen

Obchùdek ROMEN

The shop Romen in Prague represents the first shop of this kind, not only in the Czech Republic, but also in neighbouring countries, selling exclusively the Roma products. It is one of charitable facilities of the Civil Association R-Bridges. The other members of the expert team were Civil Association Slovo 21 (Prague) and Museum of Roma Culture (Brno).

Výrobky kováøù z Dunajskej Lu¾nej

The mission of this shop is to present the Roma culture to the Czech and international public, by means of its traditional and modern products. The same importance is in the assistance to the Roma producers in making a living with the traditional handicrafts, which they have been running in the territory of former Czechoslovakia for centuries.

V obchùdku ROMEN

The shop Romen was opened with great help of European Union through the Civil Society Development Foundation (Phare programme) in the beginning of December 2002. The interior of the shop was created according to the proposal of the painter Dino Ceco by using paintings of Roma painter Rudolf Dzurko.

Adress: Nerudova 32, Praha 1

Phone: +420 / 257 532 800

The shop Romen is open daily (except on Monday) 10.00 do 18.00 hours

Little shop Romen
xAuthor: Jana Sustova


Nerudova 32


Products by Jan Bartos-Biskup

Products by Ernest Danco

Products by Rudolf Dzurko

Products from Dunajska Luzna

Products from Dunajska Luzna

Products from Dunajska Luzna

Products from Dunajska Luzna

Products from Dunajska Luzna

Product from Dunajska Luzna

Opening ceremony, december 4, 2002
Author CTK

Ladislav Goral and Dagmar Havlova
Author CTK

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