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Vlado Olah
Biographical Details:

Dr. Vladimir Olah was born in Stropkov, eastern Slovakia, on May 22, 1947. He spent time in his childhood living in a Romani settlement. He has always enjoyed prose and poetry and has taken part in various recital competitions. He attended the miner's secondary school in Banska Stiavnica, taking his graduation exams at the military secondary school in the end. During his service as a professional soldier, he completed correspondence courses at the P.J. Safarik University, Faculty of Philosophy in the adult education department. He left the army for health reasons.

Dr. Olah and his family are currently living in Prague, where, in addition to his participation in various socio-cultural activities (the Helsinki Committee, Tolerance Foundation, the Ecumenical Concil of Churches Commission for the Evangelism and Pastoration of Roma), he founded "Matice romska" (Romani Mother - a Christian and educational association, of which he is chairman). He is also co-author of a translation of Bible extracts published as the book "O Del vakerel ke peskere chhave" (God Speaks to his Children). He is studying theology as an external student. He is a philosopher, a pedogogue, and a strong believer in the Christian faith.


Pal'ikeriav tuke, Devla,

vash o jivipen,

vash oda, hoj som Rom,

hoj jav tire dromeha

savore Romenca.

Hoj rodav lenge

o chachipen baro,

o chachipen sasto.

Pal'ikerav tuke

vash e romn'i, vash o chhave,

so mange len bichhad'al

andre miro jivipen.

Pal'ikerav tuke, Devla,

vash o chhon,

so o soviben mange anel,

kaj man rat'i te sast'arel.

Pal'ikerav tuke

vash o vesha,

vash o chirikle,

so sako tosara

usht'aven man gil'enca.

Pal'ikerav tuke, Devla,

vash o sast'ipen,

vash o miro the mire chhavengro

the savore manushengro.

Pal'ikerav tuke

vash e chereshn'ori,

so adaj terd'ol

jekh jekhori,

vash lakero parno uripen,

so balzamos hin pre mire jakha.

ovash o lachhe manusha,

v ash lengere barvale jile.

Pal'ikerav tuke, Devla,

vash oda, hoj som...


Thank you, God,

for life,

for the fact that I'm a Rom,

that I go your way with all Roma.

That I look for it

the great truth,

the healing truth.

Thank you

for the wife, for the children,

that you sent me.

Thank you, God, for the sun,

that gives life to all.

Thank you, God, for the moon,

that brings me sleep,

that restores me overnight.

Thank you

for the forests,

for the birds

that every day

wake me with song.

Thank you, God, for health,

for mine, for my children's

and everyone's on Earth.

Thank you for the cherry tree,

that stands by itself, alone,

for her white veil,

that caresses my eyes.

Thank you, God,

for good people,

for their ample hearts.

Thank you, God,

for the fact that I am...

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