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Eva Sotolova

In your opinion, how well informed is the Czech public about the Roma minority?

The Czech public's level of awareness about the Roma national minority is still insufficient.

What do you think the attitude of Czech society is towards the Roma community?

The attitude towards the Roma community is dominated by misunderstanding and indifference.

What is your opinion on the suppression of manifestations of racism in the Czech Republic?

Manifestations of racism in the Czech Republic are not always consistently suppressed.

What is your opinion on the position of the Roma in the Czech Republic?

The present situation of the Roma in our society is deeply influenced by historical experience. To this day the Roma are frequently the weakest socially and the least educated segment of the population - they always remain on the edges of society.

In your opinion, what do Czechs most often hold against the Roma?

Inability to conform, also sometimes the higher percent of occurrence of negative phenomena.

In your opinion, what do Roma most often hold against the Czechs?

Displays of intolerance, discrimination and racism.

How do you see the future of the Roma in the Czech Republic?

Unless the problem of educating Romani children is speedily resolved, the Roma's position in society will be worse still in the future.

What do you think are the possibilities of mutual coexistence of Czechs and Roma?

Placing great emphasis on education, not to needlessly place Romani students in special schools. It's necessary to increase the number of Romani intelligentsia, but again it's a problem of the educational programs of special schools, which is necessary to follow a positive approach with further development. It isn't possible to implement any of this without the systematic preparation of teachers for work with minorities.

Have you considered leaving the Czech Republic at times? If yes, for what reason? If no, why?

I have never considered leaving the republic.

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