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Romany Media

By the publication of periodical and non-periodical press and by broadcasting for members of national minorities on radio and television is fulfilled the right of minorities to distribute and receive information in their own language.


Romano hangos

The Romany weekly newspaper Romano hangos offers its readers reports, interviews, and other articles about matters concerning the Roma, all in Czech. The editor-in-chief is Ing. Karel Holomek . It is published by the Spolecenstvi Romu na Morave.

Address: Romano hangos, Francouzská 84, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic.
Telephone/fax: (+420) 545 246 674.

Amaro gendalos

The Romany socio-cultural monthly Amaro gendalos offers its readers reports, interviews, and other articles about matters concerning the Roma, all in Czech. In Romany there is a regular commentary and monthly news summary, as well as chapters from Romani history and occasional short stories. The editor-in-chief of Amaro gendalos is Jakub Polák. It is published by the Association Dzeno (Sdruzeni Dzeno).

Address: Amaro gendalos, Dzeno, V Tunich 11, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic.
Telephone/fax: (+420) 224 941 945.

Romano vodi

The Romany monthly magazine Romano vodi (Gypsy soul) offers its readers reports, interviews, and other articles about matters concerning the Roma, all in Czech. The editor-in-chief of is Jarmila Balazova. It is published by the Association Romea.

Romano vodi
Zitná 49
110 00 Praha 1
Telephone: (+420) 257 329 667, 257 322 987.


The monthly Kereka is a magazine "not just for Romani children" that helps Romani children know their culture and history better and helps bring Czech children closer to the world of the Romani minority. The majority of articles are in Czech, the stories and fairy tales usually in Romany. Kereka is published by the Democratic Alliance of Roma of the Czech Republic, the publisher is Petr Tulija and the editor-in-chief is Jiri Pernicky.

Address: Democratic Alliance of Roma of the CR, Pospisilova 70, 757 01 Valasske Mezirici, tel.: 0651/614 711, fax: 0651/219 98.

Romano dzaniben

The magazine of Roma Studies, Romano dzaniben, is aimed at specialists and offers extracts from original works of Romani literature and analyses of them, examples of different dialects of Romany, lyrics to Romani songs, profiles of Romani artists, and reviews and other articles concerning Romani literature. The editor-in-chief of Romano dzaniben is the romologist Milena Hubschmannova.

Address: Saldova 8, 186 00 Praha 8



Czech Radio

The Romani radio broadcasting section was established at the end of 1992 at Czech Radio, where the program O Roma vakeren (Roma Speak) is broadcast on Friday from 8:05 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the FM station Radiozurnal, on Tuesday and Thursday on regional stations, and on Monday and Friday on Czech Radio 6 from 7:15 p.m. The broadcast is mostly in Czech, and in addition to current news from Romani life, it offers interviews, contributions by telephone, features, commentary and observations deaing with problems of the Roma. Broadcast expenses are included in the Czech Radio budget. The head of the Romani section is the Romani journalist Anna Polakova.

Romany Internet Radio Rota

In 2002, Association Dzeno started a worldwide broadcast of Romany Radio Rota via the Internet in three languages-Romany, English and Czech. The overall time of broadcasting is 4.5 hours a day. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is a premiere of new programs, which are available after their first broadcast anytime in our archive of programs listed at The program composition of Romany Radio Rota is a broadcast of 60% music (mainly traditional and contemporary Romany music) and 40% talk (reports, commentaries, short news). The editor-in-chief of Romany Internet Radio Rota is Iveta Demeterova.

Address: Radio Rota, Dzeno, V Tunich 11, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic

Telephone / fax: (+420) 224 941 947


The State of Romani Media

Broadcasting for the Romani minority would welcome greater air-time and Romani periodicals larger financial support from the state. As it's main mission, Romani media sees the distribution of objective information about the Romani minority, in other words, what Romani journalists and activists really see as missing from Czech media.

Roma are still on the periphery of Czech media society, since a Rom journalist has yet to work in any Czech media office. This situation could soon change, however, as the Romani Nadace Dzeno (Dzeno Foundation) was organizing a three-month media course for Romani journalists beginning in September 1998, in which young Roma have got acquainted with the basics of journalism.

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