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[ 31.10.2019 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Ida Kelarová and Chavorenge, photo: ABO/Jim Corr The Romany singer Ida Kelarová and her Chavorenge Children’s Choir together with musicians from the Czech Philharmonic will perform a concert at the Phoenix Concert Hall in Croydon, southern England on Thursday evening. The program will feature the international Romany anthem Gelem, Gelem, and the choir’s best known song Hey Romale!
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[ 13.09.2019 ] - Tom McEnchroe

Photo: ČTK/Václav Pancer Archaeologists, excavating the site of the former WWII internment camp for Roma in Lety, have found some of the victims’ graves. Those who took part in the project say that the discovery is not only the first time that graves of Roma people persecuted by the Nazis have been found in Europe, but also undisputable proof of what happened in the camp.
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[ 02.06.2019 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Ida Kelarová, photo: Adam Kebrt / Czech Radio Ida Kelarová is a singer, musician and choirmaster who performs some of the best Romany music to come out of the Czech Republic. Paradoxically it was years before she discovered her Romany roots and drew inspiration from Roma culture and music. Today this legacy has become an important part of her life and she works hard to help talented Romany children living in excluded localities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
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[ 29.05.2019 ] - Ruth Frankova

David Tišer, photo: Jana Šustová Roma activists David Tišer and Karel Karika are this year’s recipients of the František Kriegel award in recognition of civic courage handed out by the Charter 77 foundation. The award, which will be presented at a ceremony in Prague on Wednesday, acknowledges their fight for equality and human rights for members of the Romani community as well as for the socially excluded.
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[ 07.04.2019 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Khamoro, photo: Jana Šustová On the eve of International Roma Day, Radio Prague is featuring music by some of the country’s best Romany singers.
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[ 13.03.2019 ] - Tom McEnchroe

Věra Bílá, photo: ČTK/Ondřej Deml It was supposed to be the week when she started her comeback tour. Instead, it ended with her death on a hospital bed. Věra Bílá, who died on Tuesday, was just 64-years-old. But those who knew her say her songs will remain an important contribution to the genre of world music forever.
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[ 21.11.2018 ] - Ruth Frankova

Elena Gorolová, photo: archive of Radio Prague Elena Gorolová, a Roma social worker from the north Moravian city of Ostrava, has been included on an annual BBC list of 100 inspirational and influential women for 2018. The BBC highlighted Ms Gorolová’s campaign against forced sterilisation as well as her work to return institutionalised children to their birth families.
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[ 12.10.2018 ] - Tom McEnchroe

Czech Parliament, photo: archive of Czech Radio Whereas in 1990 there were eight Roma MPs in the Czechoslovak Parliment, today there are none and candidates who belong to the minority have not had much success in the recent communal elections either. Although individual cases of success exist, they are extremely rare. Reasons behind the lack of Roma representation in politics include negative cononations with the minority among majority voters, a lack of popular candidates and low election participation among members of the Roma minority themselves.
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