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05.12.2014 Six receive suspended sentences for roles in Máj unrest
25.11.2014 Social Democrat leadership up in arms over local government coalition with ultra-right party
25.11.2014 Political commentator Jiří Pehe: Duchcov coalition could seriously damage the Social Democrats
23.11.2014 Singer Ida Kelarová finds inspiration in her Romany roots
22.11.2014 Irena Eliášová: a song to raise your spirits
13.11.2014 Singer Ida Kelarová: Getting my Romany children’s choir on stage in the Rudolfinum is a dream come true
13.11.2014 Human rights NGOs say discrimination of Romany children in education system persists
27.10.2014 Intelligence report: Ethnic tensions biggest threat for Czech democracy
24.10.2014 Romany musician Eugen Horváth dies aged 74
11.10.2014 Hundreds join Roma Pride march in Prague
26.09.2014 EC wants information regarding alleged discrimination of Romany children in Czech education system
15.09.2014 Roma women survey
09.09.2014 Foreign diplomats to play friendly against ostracized Junior Roma
08.09.2014 Lukáš Houdek, a photographer, writer and curator tackling prejudices head-on
30.08.2014 Romany writers at home on Facebook
18.08.2014 New Roma-themed film festival planned for Prague
18.08.2014 Helsinki Committee’s work was only getting started when communism fell, says director Lucie Rybová
06.08.2014 Former MP gets suspended sentence over comments about Roma minority
04.08.2014 Minister of Culture leads Lety commemoration
01.08.2014 Compensation for victims of forced sterilisation planned
01.08.2014 Ensuring the right to remembrance and dignity for the Roma people
31.07.2014 Social Watch criticizes Czech Republic over social housing, anti-Romany riots
31.07.2014 Report: Romany elite rising due to increasing numbers of university graduates
17.07.2014 PM looks at problems and priorities of human rights portfolio
23.06.2014 State support for Romany high school students dwindled in 2013
16.06.2014 Slovak girl wins Czech-Slovak Miss Roma beauty pageant
29.05.2014 Study: Roma represent 28 percent of pupils at schools for children with learning difficulties
12.05.2014 PM Sobotka commemorates Romany victims of Holocaust
05.05.2014 Mayors warn prime minister tensions at danger level in north of country
08.04.2014 Dawn leader says party candidate for EP has “not a drop of Gypsy blood”

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