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Ambassador Eisen Sends Greetings on Occasion of International Roma Day
08-04-2014  Embassy of the United States

Ambassador Norman Eisen and Marie Gailová (Photo: Embassy of the United States) Good morning and Happy International Day of Roma!
Lačho džives u bachtalo tumaro Maškarthemutno Romano džives!

Today, Roma celebrate their festive culture and heritage – traditions of which they are proud.

I am excited to be here in Prague with Marie Gailova, Director of Romodrom, an NGO that assists Roma with social integration.

Ambassador Norman Eisen (Photo: Embassy of the United States) U.S. Embassy Prague values the work of organizations such as Romodrom and tries to assist whenever possible – for example, before last Christmas we delivered toys to children at its community center. Romodrom is also working towards the removal of the pig farm at Lety.

The theme of my message today is that Roma can achieve their goals, whatever they may be, whether they live in the Czech Republic, in the United States, or somewhere else. To reach those objectives, they need the right tools – education, employment, affordable housing and an end to discrimination and violence.

Promoting social inclusion is a top priority for the U.S. Embassy in Prague, and we are doing our part by supporting NGOs like Romodrom, working with businesses to offer internships, and advocating for inclusive education. Romani like Marie have a key role to play in this effort. You are the best advocates for what you need, whether with the Czech Government, with other governments, or international organizations.

Let your voices be heard; do not let extremist rhetoric drown out your message. The United States and many other nations stand with you.

Bachtalo tumaro drom!

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