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Neo-Nazis in the City: Time for strong affirmative actions in Czech Republic!
28-04-2011  ENAR

Neo-Nazis in Nový Bydžov The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) and ENAR Czech Republic are deeply concerned by the succession of neo-Nazi demonstrations and events taking place in Czech Republic over the last months. Ahead of a neo-Nazi demonstration planned on 1 May in Brno, we call on the municipality of Brno and the Czech government to take a strong stand against right-wing extremism and blatant incitement to hatred.

Monika Bunžová, ENAR 2nd Vice-Chair from Czech Republic, said: “We are very concerned about the growing right-wing extremism in the Czech Republic. It reflects the current social developments with government cuts in social spending, and reforms hitting the poorest and the most deprived. This breeds discontent and frustration in society and leads to increasing sympathy for extreme right ideas and simplistic solutions to complex societal issues. Neo-Nazis identify easy targets such as the Roma and other minorities which they blame for all the ills of our society. Confronted by such pervasive and dangerous ideas, it is crucial today that all citizens raise their voice and clearly say ‘NO’ to neo-Nazi rhetoric”.

Although the right of assembly is one of the basic human rights that cannot be denied because they are used to support ideas with which we disagree, ENAR Czech Republic highlights the fact that the aim of such demonstrations and other similar meetings is to incite hatred and intensify negative stereotypes of people from various ethnic backgrounds and other minorities.

ENAR and ENAR Czech Republic are therefore concerned that local and national authorities generally do not take any action to openly and clearly condemn these demonstrations, thereby sending the wrong signals that the ideas they promote are acceptable, despite the fact that they pose a terrible danger for the cohesion and the resilience of our society. On the contrary, signs of implicit support of magistrates towards these marches have been recorded in a number of cities.

We call upon the municipalities to adopt an active and responsible attitude to prevent other European neo-Nazi marches in their cities.

The forthcoming march is scheduled to take place in Brno on 1 May, on the topic of fighting “Against the invasion of foreign workers and the exodus of our people - jobs just for Czechs and Moravians”.

In the name of the right to express peacefully but strongly personal disapproval of hatred and intolerance, ENAR Czech Republic asks the Czech civil society and NGOs from neighbouring countries to join its campaign and support, by all possible means, ordinary people in refusing to allow neo-Nazis marches through their cities.

Far right groups’ actions are becoming increasingly visible, leading to rising numbers of cases of racist violence against minorities (especially against Roma) in Czech Republic but also elsewhere in Europe, and Hungary in particular. These groups also increasingly have a transnational dimension, trying to bring together extreme right groups and parties from other EU countries.

Further information is available at “We Don’t Want Neo-Nazis in Brno” ( and on Facebook (Nechci, aby Brnem pochodovali neonacisté).

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