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Italian rock band 7Grani realized the music video about the extermination camp at Buchenwald
15-11-2010  Press release

7Grani (Photo: 7Grani, an italian rock band who realized the music video of her song "Neve diventeremo", shoot inside the extermination camp at Buchenwald near Weimar in Germany, dedicated to all those people deported in nazi's camps during the II World War, specially rom people who are always forgotten and still today discriminated.

This is probably the first time that a rock band shoot a video inside a nazi's camp.

7Grani (Photo: Right now the documentary and the videoclip are available for the public at the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. The music video is also available at this web address:

and the documentary on the website:

7grani'brothres, Mauro,Flavio and Fabrizio, have intentionally do that to remember the sacrifice of those who they struck themselves against the fascist dictatorship and that today, especially from the new generation, has been forgotten if not quite ignored.

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