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Jas receives three year sentence for brutal attack on Romany couple
31-08-2006  Jan Velinger

Martin Jan (Photo: CTK) A court in the eastern region of Olomouc has handed twenty-three-year old Martin Jas a three year sentence for his part in a brutal attack on a Romany couple in their home three years ago. He and two others - who were sentenced in June - tore into the couple's home under the pretence they were police officers, cutting the man, and hitting his wife, who was pregnant at the time, with a thrown cobble-stone. The court heard that she suffered permanent damage to her eyesight as a result. Zdena Polakova, representing the couple, indicated she is far from satisfied with Thursday's ruling, calling it the lightest possible sentence for such a crime.

In June, Mr Jas' accomplices received their sentences: one, a three-year suspended sentence, the other, three years and three months in prison.

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