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The Gipsy Kings European tour will culminate in Prague

The Gipsy Kings tour, which started in Cologne and continues in Brussels, Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Paris, is going to end up in Prague at the United Islands of Prague music festival on May 2. Afterwards Gipsy Kings will set off for the American part of their world tour which will be concluded at the famous Radio City Hall in New York.

"When the first guitar accords supported by bass, exact and steady as if it was a timekeeper sounded, the audience was seized by ecstasy which seemed to reach to top of the obelisk", described one reviewer the performance of Gipsy Kings which took place on a square in Arles, where 30.000 people gathered around a ten metres high obelisk.

"Their passionate and wibrant sound won over audiences, including celebrity fans like Elton John, and helped them sell over 20 million records", wrote about the Gipsy Kings´ April show in London the What´s On In London magazine.

And the London Evening Standard adds: "The Gipsy Kings´ music incorporates timeless melodies with contemporary rhythms, plus Middle Eastern, Latin and African influences, and has earned them global platinum status."

The Gipsy Kings´new album promoted by the tour has also received wonderful reviews.

"Before the term ´world music´ became familiar to all of us, the Gipsy Kings made a huge impact with their modern take on Django Reinhardt-style guitar playing. A couple of decades on, they have gone back to basics for the album Roots, a deceptively simple feast of improvisation", wrote the British Independent.

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