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Kavan delivers Zeman's letter

Radio Prague, September 29th - Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kavan has delivered a letter from Czech Premier Milos Zeman to the London Government.

The letter which was handed to British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook on Monday was a reply to Tony Blair's letter last week on the issue of Romanies seeking asylum in Britian. On Monday, the Czech Foreign Minister said that in his letter, Milos Zeman has summarised steps his government is taking to curb the flood of Romanies arriving in Britain as well as outlining a number of proposals to improve Czech - Romany relations.

Speaking in Bournemouth, Mr Kavan expressed hopes that London would not impose a visa requrement on Czechs visiting Britian. According to Jan Kavan, the issue of Romany migration concerns the whole of Europe and should be dealt with froma wider perpective. He believes that the European Union should provide the Czech Republic with money for integration and educational schemes.While in Bournmouth, Jan Kavan took part in a panel discussion as part of the Labour Party Conference on the expansion of the European Union. In his speech, he stressed that the Union should set a date for enlargement.

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