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Foreign Ministry says imposition of UK visas unlikely

Radio Prague, August 3rd - According to the Foreign Ministry, Great Britain is not likely to introduce entry visas for Czech citizens any time in the near future. The announcement was supposed to allay concern over comments made by the Czech Human Rights Commissioner Petr Uhl. Uhl had previously warned that if the number of Czech-Roma asylum seekers arriving in the UK continued to increase - as it had done steadily between January and June of this year - then Britain would certainly introduce a visa requirement for all Czech citizens.

Ales Pospisil, the Foreign Ministry spokesman, told reporters Monday that since the number of asylum applicants had actually declined over the last few months, then London couldn't be expected to introduce visas in the foreseeable future.

Radio Prague spoke to Petr Uhl's deputy, Andrea Bartosova, and asked her whether Mr. Uhl comments had caused undue concern..

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