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October 27th, 1998
Ales Pospisil, Press officer for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, revealed to CTK that Foreign Minister, Jan Kavan, was told about a 'pre-planned exodus' to Britain by authorities in the UK.

Offices in Britain have information on the groups of Romas that plan to seek asylum in Britain before the trip takes place - this according to information given to Czech foreign minister Jan Kavan that during his visit to the UK last week. However the Czech Police have stated that so far they have been unable to uncover evidence to confirm the allegations.

Such allegations, as well as the perceived leniency of the sentences handed out to three skinheads involved in the death of a Romany man earlier this year, have highlighted once again the growing divisions between Czechs and the Roman community.

But what sort of claims are the Roma asylum seekers in Britain making about their treatment here in the Czech Republic. That was the question I first put to Paul Marsh of the UK organisation Migrant Helpline...

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