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[ 05.10.2015 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Over a hundred people joined the fourth Roma Pride march through the centre of Prague on Sunday afternoon. The event is an annual celebration of Romany culture and identity and aims to draw attention to the discrimination of Romanies in the Czech Republic, be it in the sphere of housing, education or on the job market. Similar Roma Pride marches took place in 13 European capitals.
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[ 24.09.2015 ] - Daniela Lazarova

The minister for human rights and minorities, Jiří Dienstbier, is to meet with the mayors of 36 towns and cities who are involved in a government programme to fight social exclusion. The talks will focus on the extent of progress made, the problems involved and the possibility of acquiring grants for various initiatives in support of social inclusion. A ten-year European initiative involving 12 European states with Romany minorities to improve their socio-economic status across the region ended earlier this year.
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[ 14.09.2015 ] - Daniela Lazarova

The Decade of Roma Inclusion, an initiative of 12 European countries to improve the socio-economic status and social inclusion of the Romany minority across the region, managed to raise awareness of the plight of Romanies but failed to prevent their segregation, delegates of the respective states concluded at a closing conference in Sarajevo marking the end of the project. The initiative was launched in 2005, and was the first multinational project in Europe of this kind.According to the Czech minister for human rights, Jiří Dienstbier the projects in individual countries suffered from a lack of finances, but the initiative was useful in that all participating countries developed action plans setting certain target goals and brought together experts in the field. The 12 countries that took part are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Spain, which all have significant Romani minorities..
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[ 08.09.2015 ] - Ruth Frankova

Illustrative photo: Gabriela Hauptvogelová Czech schools have repeatedly been criticised by international watchdogs and advocacy groups for their practice of placing disproportionately large numbers of Romany children in segregated schools. In a most recent case, a school in the small town of Krásná Lípa in north Bohemia has come into the spotlight after creating a special Roma class, allegedly to help the Roma children catch up with the rest of their schoolmates.
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[ 03.09.2015 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Photo: Klára Bílá One of the mainstays of a new school law that is to take effect in 2016 is securing inclusive education for children in schools nation-wide. This concerns not only children with physical and mental disabilities but children from socially disadvantaged families and children from the Romany minority who often end up in so-called practical or special schools with a limited curriculum.
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[ 14.08.2015 ] - Jan Velinger

Real estate agent Eliška Nosková has been ordered by the district court in Litoměřice to apologise for discriminating against Czech Romany Lenka Balogová; the court, however, rejected the 100,000 crowns in damages sought. In the incident, the plaintiff was not allowed to rent an apartment she wanted because of her ethnicity. The case had its roots in a plan in 2013, in which the ombudsperson’s office sought to uncover discrimination by real estate agencies..
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[ 08.07.2015 ] - Ruth Frankova

The Czech Republic is continuing to discriminate against the Roma minority, according to an annual report by the US State Department, which evaluates adherence to human rights worldwide. The report for 2014 says that discrimination of the Roma population is the Czech Republic’s biggest human rights problem. It also suggests that Czech politicians and media contribute significantly to the anti-Roma sentiments in the country.
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[ 05.06.2015 ] - Daniela Lazarova

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland is in Prague for talks with Czech top officials. During talks with Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek Mr. Jagland praised the Czech Republic as a staunch defender of human rights in Europe, stressing that the protection of human rights and rule of law were essential for security in Europe.
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