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[ 11.10.2014 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Hundreds of people joined the Roma Pride 2014 march leading from Prague’s Old Town Square through the historic city centre on Saturday afternoon. The event is a celebration of Romany culture and identity and aims to draw attention to the discrimination of Romanies in the Czech Republic, be it in the sphere of housing, education or on the job market. Similar Romany Pride marches are taking place in 15 European countries..
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[ 26.09.2014 ] - Daniela Lazarova

The EC has sent the Czech Republic a formal request for information regarding the alleged discrimination of Romany children in the Czech education system. The Czech authorities have two months in which to provide the information. Amnesty International has welcomed the move saying that the Czech Republic has for years failed to take effective measures to secure equal access to education for Romany children who are very often placed in special schools for children with learning disabilities.
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[ 15.09.2014 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Romany women in the Czech Republic generally have a low level of education, make on average 10,000 crowns a month and live in a rented flat with their family, according to the outcome of a Charles University survey on the life of Romany women. The vast majority marry young –between the age of 18 and 21, close to 40 percent of them have three or more children and singlehandedly shoulder the burden of looking after the household. The vast majority said they had faced discrimination when looking for a job or flat..
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[ 09.09.2014 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Foreign diplomats from the US, British and Scandinavian embassies in Prague are assembling a football team to play a friendly against a local 3rd division team Junior Roma which is being cold shouldered by Czech rivals. Czech third division teams have refused to play against Junior Roma on the grounds that their game is excessively aggressive, but the team’s coach Pavel Horvath sees racism as the real reason behind the boycott. The friendly is to take place in Dečín on September 21st.. .
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[ 08.09.2014 ] - Ian Willoughby

Lukáš Houdek, photo: Ian Willoughby Lukáš Houdek is a man of varied interests. As well as being a photographer who has explored the post-war massacres of Czechoslovakia’s ethnic Germans, he is co-curator of an exhibition entitled Transgender Me that gets underway in Prague on Monday. In addition, Houdek, a Romani Studies graduate, writes for a leading Roma affairs website; indeed, for much of our interview I was under the mistaken impression that he himself was a member of the ethnic minority.
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[ 30.08.2014 ] - David Vaughan

In a recent edition of Czech Books, we spoke to the Romany writer, Irena Eliášová. She mentioned that her novel, November, had been published earlier this year by an internet publisher. This inspired David Vaughan to find out more about Romany writing in the digital age, and he discovered that Czech Roma have embraced the social media in a big way.
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[ 18.08.2014 ] - Ian Willoughby

Lucie Rybová, foto: Ian Willoughby Along with Charter 77 and the Committee for the Defence of the Unjustly Persecuted, the Czechoslovak Helsinki Committee was a key dissident organisation in the communist period, pressuring the government to adhere to its human rights commitments. Today known as the Czech Helsinki Committee, it is still active, advocating for people who often have nowhere else to turn. I discussed the committee’s work with its director, Lucie Rybová. But I first asked her about the reasons for its establishment, in November 1988.
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[ 18.08.2014 ] - Dominik Jůn

The first year of a new Roma-themed film festival is to kick-off at the end of September, reports The festival, entitled Čačikano, will take place at the Světozor cinema in central Prague. According to festival organiser Alžběta Jílková, the event is designed to highlight the richness of Roma culture and also overturn prevalent stereotypes..
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