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[ 08.02.2016 ] - Ian Willoughby

Tomáš Kratochvíl, photo: Ian Willoughby One of the most thought-provoking documentaries to hit local cinema screens in recent months has been Czechs Against Czechs by Tomáš Kratochvíl. In the highly personal film, the young director – a member of the majority population – goes to live in a desperately poor Romany ghetto in north Bohemia. Along the way, he also encounters far-right activists who organise anti-Roma demonstrations, as well as members of the public who don’t hide their hatred of the ethnic minority.
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[ 17.12.2015 ] - Ruth Frankova

The government Agency for Social Inclusion, which is aimed at helping integrate Roma and other deprived groups into mainstream society, has selected nine municipalities from socially excluded localities to cooperate with in the next three years. According to the agency’s spokesman, Václav Zeman, the agency will help the local authorities to systematically solve problems connected to social exclusion, such as increasing capacity of asylum facilities, or raising the number of assistants helping to prevent crime. The agency will also help the municipalities in reaching EU funds for social inclusion..
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[ 15.12.2015 ] - Jan Velinger

Two suspects found guilty of firebombing a boarding house in Aš inhabited mostly by Romanies more than three years ago have received sentences of almost seven years in prison each. Twenty-five-year-old Tomáš Kopecký and 35-year-old Michal Poláček were found guilty of attempted murder and the court ruled that the attack had been racially-motivated. Each could have received 20 years behind bars.
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[ 14.12.2015 ] - Ruth Frankova

US Ambassador Andrew Shapiro has presented the 2015 Alice G. Masaryk Human Rights Award to Marie Gottfriedová, headmistress of a primary school in Trmice in the region of Ústí nad Labem, which is regarded as a socially excluded locality. According to the US Embassy, the school effectively promotes the idea of inclusive education, and is successful in integrating the local Roma community.
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[ 02.11.2015 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Queen Elizabeth II has decorated Czech Romany policeman Petr Torák with the Order of the British Empire. Torák, who left the Czech Republic in 1999 over repeated attacks by neo-Nazis, now lives and works in Peterborough, north of London and has been hailed as the new face of British policing. Torák, who speaks five languages, has been applauded for his services to the local Romany community and his skills in dealing with migrants.
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[ 28.10.2015 ] - Dominik Jůn

Photo: European Commission In this special programme on Czech Independence Day I am joined by noted historian Jan Rychlík, and we will also be hearing from Jan Hartl of the STEM polling agency. We will examine the influence of foreigners and minority groups in the Czech lands throughout history and try to gain a greater understanding of contemporary Czech attitudes in this regard.
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[ 24.10.2015 ] - Ian Willoughby

Photo: Filip Jandourek Prague has of course changed in a host of ways during my 20-odd years living here. One of the most striking developments has been the dramatic fall in the number of Romanies in the city.
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[ 14.10.2015 ] - Daniela Lazarova

The Constitutional Court has ruled on the reopening of a case pertaining to the possible discrimination of three Romanies who were refused accommodation in a hotel in north Bohemia. The three men claim that the receptionist had confirmed they had vacant rooms over the phone but refused to accommodate them when they turned up in person. A ruling by the regional court in Ustí nad Labem went in favour of the hotel which produced an earlier booking for all of the hotel’s 156 rooms by a German entrepreneur who allegedly failed to turn up.
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