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[ 13.07.2017 ] - Dominik Jůn, - Pierre Meignan

Lety pig farm, photo: archive of Radio Prague A team of archaeologists from the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň say they have succeeded in mapping out the contours of the former Lety concentration camp, used during the Second World War to imprison Czech Roma.
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[ 26.06.2017 ] - Jan Velinger, - Strahinja Bućan

Pig farm at Lety, photo: ČTK Activists from the Czech Republic and abroad met at Lety, South Bohemia, on Saturday, the site of a labour and later concentration camp where Roma were interned and died during WWII. They were aiming to keep pressure on the government to finally remove a pig farm at the site which has been an insult to the victims who suffered or died there and their descendants, for decades.
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[ 08.12.2016 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Photo: Gabriela Hauptvogelová In 2015 the government launched a two year project to help fight hate crime directed against Romanies and other minorities in the Czech Republic. With the migrant crisis, the project acquired a broader scope and greater urgency. In Iustitia, an NGO that helps victims of hate crime was involved in the undertaking. I spoke to its founder, lawyer Klára Kalibová, to find out more.
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[ 04.12.2016 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Terne Chave, photo: Zewlakk Dlouhý Krok Terne Chave is currently one of the most successful Romany bands in the Czech Republic. Its seven members started out performing Romany songs at special events in their home town of Hradec Kralové and ended up touring European countries. Today they still draw on their Romany roots but they compose their own music laced with Latino, jazz, punk, reggae, flamenco, and rock. Check-out our Sunday Music show for a taste of what they have to offer.
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[ 14.11.2016 ] - Ian Willoughby

'FC Roma', photo: Nutprodukce Two years ago there were international headlines about the Czech amateur soccer club that other teams were opting to forfeit three points to rather than play – because their players were members of the Roma minority. Staff from a number of Prague embassies formed a side to take on Roma Děčín in a friendly as a gesture of support. Now the club, and in particular two of its organisers, are the focus of the subtle, often amusing documentary FC Roma, which recently shared top prize at Jihlava.
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[ 08.11.2016 ] - Daniela Lazarova

Pig-farm at Lety, photo: archive of Radio Prague Czech Culture Minister Daniel Herman has indicated significant progress made in negotiations aimed at removing a pig farm from the site of a former Romany concentration camp. The presence of the farm at Lety, south Bohemia, has plagued several administrations and elicited sharp criticism from the European Commission.
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[ 08.11.2016 ] - Daniela Lazarova

The European Committee of Social Rights has concluded that the Czech Republic has violated the European Social Charter in failing to provide sufficient access to housing, health care and education to the Roma minority. The committee which dealt with a complaint by the European Roma and Travellers Forum said the Czech Republic has violated articles 11 and 16 of the Social Charter. The ERTF complained that Roma in the Czech Republic face lack of accessible housing, residential segregation, inadequate living conditions and forced evictions as well as discrimination in education through the practice of placing many Roma children in schools for pupils with learning disabilities.
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[ 07.11.2016 ] - Jan Velinger

The government agreed on Monday it will seek an expert valuation of the land housing a controversial pig farm in Lety, south Bohemia, which was the site of a labour camp and later concentration camp during WWII where Roma were interned; around 300 people died there due to disease and poor treatment and some 500 people were sent on to Auschwitz. Past governments considered buying the property for the farm to be relocated but failed; the current cabinet has agreed to try deal with the issue. Finding a solution is one of the priorities of the human rights minister Jiří Dienstbier; but there has been speculation that Mr Dienstbier could be one of the ministers dropped in a pending cabinet reshuffle..
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